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Get Your Beagle To Stop Jumping Up

Beagle Jumping


Gotta be honest: I loved the unconditional love that my beagle jumping on me, day in and day out gave me.

It was a more than welcome change to the otherwise typical long and stressing day.

However, it’s definitely possible to have too much of a good thing. I learned this first hand when I was just about to head out to run some errands, and then he got overzealous and starting jumping up and down on me. He knicked my brand-new shirt with one of his nails. Needless to say: I wasn’t very happy — even if the shirt was only $11.99.

That was enough of an incentive for me to question, how to get my beagle to stop jumping up.
It’s not even consistent. But it seemingly happens whenever you’d most hope that it wouldn’t happen.

It’s kinda funny. He didn’t do this as a puppy, but he does it as an adult beagle now. I just hoped that it would be something correctable. I had no desire to curb his fervor for life, I just wanted him to know when it is allowed.


Why Is My Beagle Jumping Up On People?


Beagles are social animals. Just as we have conditional introductions when we meet family, friends, etc; dogs do the same. Granted, I can’t recall the last time I jumped up and down so wildly unless I was watching a professional basketball game. You’d think at 5’6″, I’d realize I’m no Lebron. But getting back to the topic.

Dogs use their muzzles A LOT to learn about people. You’ve undoubtedly seen the awkward exchange when a male friend or family come over for a visit (Sorry, Uncle Charlie), and the nose goes right for the front private area. You would think your beagle was practicing a juggling act for Ringling Brothers, know what I’m saying?

Since most other interactions with their fellow canines are done at a relatively similar height, there isn’t much necessity for jumping. But last time I checked, my beagle was nowhere near my height while I’m standing, and he’s on the floor.

It’s simply a canine adaptation to welcoming their taller human family and friends.


Why Is My Beagle Jumping Up On Furniture?


Hey, if you were a dog, would rather lounge on a floor or something more comfortable around the house? My thoughts exactly.

Teaching your pup might not be the easiest thing to do, but it is achievable.
You will have to catch him or her in the act repeatedly before you are able to correct their behavior.

One way this has been made better personally for myself is making sure that Skyler has plenty of comfortable dog beds or rugs scattered around my home, particularly around places that I may be lounging or relaxing, so he always feels very close to me if that’s his desire. Shh — Don’t tell anyone, but even I have fallen asleep on one, not that long ago.

If you catch them on any furniture, make a resounding “No!” and then tell him to get off.
If that doesn’t compute, push them off and say “Off”. Be consistent. Let them know their boundaries.


Is Your Beagle Jumping Up Really That Big A Deal?


Um, yes.

Your beagle jumping bean could cause injury to yourself, to others, or themselves; no one wants that. In addition, two particularly vulnerable populations to their antics are small children and the elderly.

Also, if you encounter someone who has a fear of dogs, having an uncontrollably hyped-up beagle at your feet, can be overwhelming to say the least. I heard of someone who had an asthmatic attack in reaction to a fear of dogs, coupled with its respective jumping.

For everyone’s comfort and safety, your beagle’s behavior needs to be corrected.


Could Your Beagle Jumping Be Indicative Of A Health Issue?


Likely, no.

What is more likely that you have to question is: If your dog getting enough exercise? Their energy reserves may just be maxed out, and they’re just trying to purge some. Not sure if they are, we discuss it here: Beagle Exercise: From Trails To Treadmills

There is also the possibility that they’re anxious, and they’re seeking a familiar, warm embrace.

The other thing to question is, did your beagle recently have another owner prior to you? If so, they may have allowed this behavior, and simply didn’t take the time or effort to address it, and it simply exacerbated. That’s very possible too.


Is My Beagle A Victim Of Cute Circumstance?


A lively beagle jumping, especially a puppy jumping is freaking adorable. As such, we tend to respond with attention in terms of petting and/or playing for them.

What I had to learn is that I just reinforced this bad jumping behavior. On the following day, I did the same thing. And the next day, and the next — and eventually, it became routine.

Further complicating this issue, rewards for this behavior were regularly dispensed by well-intentioned visitors to your home and even complete strangers while you’re both out and about.


Ideas To Keep Their 4 Paws Planted


Inattention To Detail


If attention is what they seek, then your inattention is what they will get.
No, ignorance is not bliss, nor is it a permanent solution.

Turning away from them and avoiding eye contact with your beagle are prime ways of standing your ground. If you remove the reward for their questionable behavior, they will eventually learn to stop as it isn’t providing them an immediate positive response.

If they seem to receptive to the inattention and accordingly keep their paws on the floor, you should praise and/or reward them immediately in a calm manner. Why? Because if you praise them in a frenzied fashion, it will likely key them back up again, and you’ll end up right back at square one.


Words For The Wise


“Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”…
Logically, your beagle cannot jump on you and perform any of these commands at the same time. Fortunately, if they already are aware of any of these commands, they know they will receive some sort of positive reinforcement from the stated command if performed in a timely fashion. That incentivizes them to listen to the chosen command.

After performing the stated command properly, praise and/or reward them accordingly as mentioned before. If they are winding back up after you praise them, try to find a toy of theirs as a way to distract them and expend some energy.


Close And Open-Minded


This one may not the best if you’re in a rush to get into the front door.
If your beagle is anything like mine, they will be waiting to greet you jumpingly, as soon as your keys start engaging the lock.

Here is where you might confuse them for a little bit. When you open the door if they move in to jump on you, close the door again while keeping each of you on opposite sides. Wait for a few moments for your dog to hopefully calm down, then try again.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this section, it’s not something you should try if you have a very limited amount of time to work with. You may have to do this repeatedly, for it to be effective. Eventually, they will learn that in order for you to walk through that door, they will have to cease and desist.

Once you open the door and find them respectfully following your wishes, walk in and offer them praise and a treat.


Treats Aplenty


Not so fast.

Yes, it can definitely a motivating factor for a food-minded breed such as a beagle. However, you don’t want them to automatically associate treats with good behavior every time. Praise, sure. But treats, No. Unless you potentially want a beagle that may eventually start fighting the battle of the bulge.


How To Handle Stranger Danger


When out and about walking Skyler, I frequently encounter a problem of strangers wanting to pet him.

I had to start speaking up, regarding that I’m currently training him not to jump up on people, and to please refrain from petting him, if he jumps. He has gotten rock-solid about this over time, and refrains from jumping 90% of the time, I’d say.

Word to the wise: Be very hesitant about allowing strangers to give treats to your dog.
You don’t want them to view all strangers as a potential source of treats.


Avoid These Tactics At All Costs


Raising Your Voice


Although you may be frustrated and tempted to raise your voice, your beagle may very well think you’re just being loud and animated. What I tend to find more effective is speaking in a lower, more serious tone. For some reason, that seems to do the trick for me. Remember, remaining calm is key.


Having a Knee-Jerk Reaction


Someone people believe that bringing your knee to their chest while they are jumping.
This may work for a large breed, but on a smaller breed like a beagle, I wouldn’t recommend it.
You’re just asking to injure yourself or your pup.

In addition, any physical approach you take to deter the behavior may be seen as perceived as a playing tactic, and not taken seriously. Best bet: Stick with the praise, treats & verbal commands.




When you know that guests are coming over, why even bother with this approach?
If you want the Tazmanian Devil reincarnated into your beagle, have at it.
They’ll be whipping out of that crate at 90mph, when they finally get the chance.
Furthermore, crating your beloved beagle doesn’t focus on the problem behavior.




Remember that no training is linear. As there will be a progression, there may be some regression, but the key is to stay laser-focused. It may take some time, as you won’t want to reinforce bad behavior permanently.

It will result in a more balanced, happy beagle — and happier family and friends.


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