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Beagle Heat Cycle: An In-Depth Look

Beagle Heat Cycle


I felt compelled to learn the nuances of heat in beagles, as I had a female beagle growing up. They are the best, aren’t they? Here is some stuff I learned over the years about the signs of a beagle heat cycle.


What Is The Beagle Heat Cycle?


Heat is an indicator that she is sexually receptive. It’s the equivalent to a human female’s menstruation. However, unlike human females, there is no menopausal period for beagles, and they can continue to breed into their later years. An un-spayed female beagle in veterinary terms is called a bitch.

On average, your female Beagle will have her first cycle when she is about 6 months old. However, this can occur as early as 4 months, and as late as 15 months old of age.

When she is in heat, she is “in season”. The veterinary term for this occurrence is the estrus cycle. She will enter estrus, or heat; seasonally in the spring and fall, where she becomes practically irresistible to their male canine counterparts.


What Are The Estrus Cycle (Heat) Phases For A Beagle?




This phase typically lasts between 3 days and 2.5 weeks. At this stage, your female beagle is not fertile, nor is she receptive to breeding. This is also when the hormone estrogen climbs in her body.




This phase has a similar duration of 3 days to 2.5 weeks. She is fertile at this stage, and she is amenable to mating with a male counterpart.

Be cognizant of any character changes, as in this stage it is very common to occur.
She will be seemingly linearly focused on being exceptionally affectionate and eager to get outside. Once outside, she will urinate more frequently to leave her pheromones on more surfaces, in order to further attract a mate.




This phase commonly lasts for 2 months for a pregnant female and 2 to 3 months for a non-pregnant one. If a male dog approaches her at this stage, she will reject his advances.
Also during this period, she will also eat abundantly and her character will normalize.




In the case of a pregnant beagle, diestrus ceases and is followed up with anestrus, the period of sexual inactivity. This phase usually lasts for 4 to 5 months and provides a rest period after delivery for her body to recover fully from the pregnancy.

Female beagles that haven’t been fertilized show no signs of transition from diestrus to anestrus.
After this 4 to 5 month duration, for the non-fertile bleeding that we referred, proestrus will eventually recur.


Beagle Heat Cycle


What Are The Signs Of A Beagle Heat Cycle?


Certain signs are exhibited in concurrence with the aforementioned stages of the estrus cycle they are in.


Proestrous Signs


Red discharge from their vulva, otherwise known as spotting. During this phase, the lining of her uterus becomes softer. Spotting may or may not be apparent, as you may see small spots on the floor. In larger breeds of dogs, as you could imagine, it would be that much more obvious accordingly.

Enlargement of the vulva, as the cells of her uterine wall will expand.

Excessive licking is something your female beagle will do to her genital area, to clean any discharge that is being emitted from her vulva. This symptom is much more obvious, unlike the one immediately before this. After all, who tends to notice if their dog’s uterine walls have swelled? I most likely wouldn’t.

Behavior changes are not as apparent during the beginning of the heat, but they will become more pronounced during the second phase. Most female beagles become restless, but then again — others may become more withdrawn and less active.

Appetite changes occur during this phase as the body requires additional energy reserves, therefore her appetite will likely increase. However, if she is one of the others that becomes less active during this, she may have a decreased appetite.

Temperature increase is pretty much implied as a potential sign, right? After all, it is a heat.


Estrus Signs


This the only phase where can become pregnant by successful copulation or artificial insemination.
Furthermore, certain signs that frequently will carry from the first phase to this one include her appetite changes and increased body temperature. Signs of the estrus phase include:


Open to mating towards their male mates. She will no longer act aggressively towards male dogs. Also, she will become that much more attractive to males, in addition to being more attracted to male dogs herself.

More behavior changes are on the horizon. She will be likely to be ramped up like nobody’s business. A female will be laser-focused on trying to do the deed. She will become markedly more sensitive to noises, expressing more vocalizing and will likely be more active.

Change in gait and flagging is another common sign. You may notice that if you scratch just above your beagle’s tail with your hand, she pushes back and places her tail to the side. Also, her gait will change noticeably as she swings her hips more prominently, and wags her tail high up as she walks, otherwise known as flagging. These are tactics to further seduce a potential mate.

Discharge changes in color from her vulva, from originally red to a more yellow, pink, or even unnoticeable.

Vulva swelling declines and becomes softer.

Elevated frequency of urination happens as she uses her urine as a marker over various locations, to tell other dogs that she is in heat.


What Is A Silent Heat?


A silent beagle heat cycle is when your bitch goes through her season, but it is virtually asymptomatic.
Even if symptoms are incredibly muted; if your bitch is indeed in season, male dogs in the locality may still be very aware of it. If male dogs start hanging around your house, like a teenage boy waiting for his date, then chances are that she is in heat.


Do Beagles Experience Cramping?


Studies suggest that due to the female beagle’s behavior, she is very aware of her heat cycle and may feel cramping and discomfort as the uterus contracts.

They may wish to rest more often than normal, as they may be trying to avoid exacerbating any abdominal pain.
Make sure she has a comfortable, warm spot to rest. If you want to go the extra mile, you could always look into a heating pad to help soothe her abdominal muscles.


Beagle Heat Cycle


How Can I Keep My Female Beagle Safe From Males?


An un-spayed female beagle will be on every male dog’s radar within a 3-mile radius.
Yes, you read that right: A 3-mile radius. Every time she urinates while in heat, she dispenses a little blood, which leaves a strong aroma in the yard.

In light of this, you will have to keep a particular eye on all of her activities while outside, even if she is in a fenced yard. There is no way to predict how a male dog will act when a nearby female is in heat. When walking her, keep her on a retractable leash at a shorter length. Thank me later.


Is It Safe To Separate Dogs While Mating?


No. Let me reiterate this again. Absolutely, unequivocally no.
It can injure both of the dogs, as the male’s penis is swelling inside of the female’s contracting vulva. In addition, the last thing you want to deal with is the potential aggression of either dog. Regardless if you consider it embarrassing or not, once commenced this process can last up to 30 minutes.


Can My Beagle Receive An Abortion Shot?


In extreme scenarios, an abortion shot can be provided by her veterinarian, but that doesn’t come without its intrinsic risks.


What Is Pyometra In Beagles?


Pyometra, also known as a pyo, is an infection of the uterus (womb). It’s a common condition in female dogs who haven’t been spayed and it requires urgent veterinary treatment.

Pyos are only seen in females. The signs usually develop around four to six weeks after the female has finished bleeding from her last season. In some cases, the bitch may appear to be having a prolonged season.

The early signs of pyometra can include unusual tiredness, lack of appetite and an unquenchable thirst. These may also be followed by vaginal discharge. In the latter stages, your dog may be reluctant to move. If left untreated these signs will worsen to the point of dehydration, collapse and death from septic shock. If you observe any unusual signs in your female beagle, get her immediate veterinary help to address any issues.
Fortunately, most female beagles make a full recovery after treatment, if the condition is caught early. Spaying your dog before she develops a pyo will prevent this condition from occurring.


How Can I Prevent My Beagle From Going Into Heat?


Generally, a veterinarian can spay a dog when she is as young as two months old. However, it is best to consult with your veterinarian for specific recommendations regarding the best time to spay your dog.


Why Should I Spay My Beagle?


“Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”

Wise words dispensed consistently for decades by Bob Barker and subsequently Drew Carey, on every episode of The Price Is Right. Words that have been taken to heart by millions, thankfully. The number of homeless animals that are euthanized every year is truly disheartening, however, it does give the reasoning for fervent hope.

In addition, it takes a marked toll on your beagle to give birth and raise her pups. As a matter of fact, the rigors can lead to premature aging or worse. Sad but true.

Fortunately, spaying your female beagle prior to her first heat cycle has marked health benefits, such as lowered frequency of cancers and diseases.


What Products Can Help My Beagle?





They can be an absolute lifesaver. Disposable Dog Diapers by Paw Inspired are quite an effective tool at trapping moisture and keeping your dog and your flooring and/or carpeting clean. As with a young child, you should be prepared to change these often to prevent irritation. While your beagle is in her proestrus stage, you should change her diaper two times per day, depending on how often she bleeds. If your female is in need of diapers, no worries; we’ve got you covered. Heck, there are even reusable types too.




Think of dog pads are more like little floor mats that are laid on your dog’s bed. Place the pad wherever your beagle may frequently rest.  They are extremely absorbent and are quite advantageous for beagles who don’t like to wear diapers, and for owners who don’t care to have their female wearing diapers. Ready to defend your home from the messes? Yeah, I thought so. All-Absorb Training Pads to the proverbial rescue.




Think of these as the canine version of baby wipes. Their main purpose is to keep your beagle clean and fresh. While your beagle is in heat, simply wipe the blood off of her several times per day to ensure she doesn’t become irritated. Since they are a shorter hair breed, matting should be of minimal concern. So if you’re needing to pogo stick into beagle’s cleanliness, Pogi’s Cleaning Wipes will do the deed, by cleaning them clean.

Other Health Items

Need additional help? No problem — we get it.

We’ve provided you an extensive list of other items that may help your female beagle’s overall hygiene and heat cycle here.

Final Thoughts


An ovulating female dog will seek reassurance, attention, and sleep. Make sure you are able to fulfill as much of these three needs as possible and provide fun distractions for when you are unable to attend personally. She will appreciate it.


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