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We understand that you love your beagles unconditionally. So do we.

In light of such, we’ve compiled an extensive list of items that we’ve used over time in our family, and it has made our beagles’ lives that much safer, healthier & fun.


Foam Bed

Food + Drink

Dog Food 

Puppy Dog Food       Adult Dog Food  


Calming Treats       Allergy+ Immunity


Consumption Devices

Non-Skid Bowls         Slow Feeder


Gravity Waterer       Electronic Feeder



Chew Toys


Exercise Toys


Clothing + Accessories

Anti-Anxiety Jacket

Cold Weather 


Life Jacket                 Sunscreen



Shampoo            Medicated Shampoo


Grooming Kit


General Health

Multivitamins       Gauze Sponges


Canine DNA Testing

Dental Health

Brush + Paste       Breath Spray


Teething Ring       Dental Treats


Ear Health

Nail Health


Housebreaking + Heat Cycle

Diapers [Male]       Diapers [Female]


Training Pads       Grooming Wipes



 Thermometer         Heating Pad


Whelping Box



Outdoor Dog Houses


Training, Tracking & Containment

LED Leash + Collar


Training Collar       GPS-Based Collar


Tie-Out Cables


Wireless Fence 

Video Surveillance