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Beagle Teething: A Comprehensive Guide

Beagle Puppy


So it’s finally happening. Your beagle is teething.  Congrats! Your 4-legged baby is officially growing up.

Just like a child, your newborn beagle was born without any teeth.
By the time they are a month old, their milk teeth (small temporary teeth) will have emerged.

Within 3-4 months, the milk teeth will be slowly replaced with their permanent adult teeth.
At this phase, the itching will likely occur that will, in turn, cause puppies to find ways to mitigate the irritation.

Let’s discuss further.


The Teething Stages


Beagles can vary when they enter these respective phases, however, this is a general guideline, that’s safe to follow.


6 to 8 Weeks Old


Their 28 baby teeth start to come in exceptionally sharp to aid in making chewing their food easier. It’s a compensatory adaptation since their jaws are not as strong, as when they are adults. But man, oh man — do they hurt. I’m not even talking about for your dog, I’m talking about for you. They nip you good with one of those — and you’ll know it.


3 to 4 Months Old


Your pupster will start to lose his or her baby teeth. They tend to swallow them, therefore it’s not likely that your floors will look like your pup just fought a prizefighter.
No worries though: It not harmful to their digestive tract. They’re very hearty. They’ll pass them without complication. As their teeth are replaced by their permanents, their incisors come in first, followed by their canine teeth, then finally their molars.

Oh, funny story: A friend of mine, Leon; had a dog named Luke, when we were young kids. Leon was rather enterprising or so he thought. He found a baby tooth from Luke and put it under his pillow, to get a few bucks out of his parents. LOL, We still laugh about that today.


6 Months Old


If at the age of 6 months, if your puppy is still holding onto all of his puppy teeth, you should have a veterinarian perform a dental checkup.

In some cases, an adult tooth will begin to grow while the puppy tooth still remains. This will create “2 rows” of teeth and can seriously affect the permanent bite of the dog. If this happens, the veterinarian should remove the puppy tooth in order to allow the adult tooth to grow into the correct spot. Even if it has begun descending, once it has room, it will usually move over into the proper position.


8 Months Old To Adulthood


Your puppy is now sporting a brand new set of 42 adult teeth.
Now, if you think that this will put an end to their chewing, you are definitely mistaken.
Along with their noses, beagles also use their teeth to discover new things. After all, dogs will be dogs, so more than likely — it’s just the beginning. As such, it’s also the ideal time to start training them on chew toys.

So if your beagle seems particularly enamored with this new toy you bought them, it may not be because they are teething. They may just be curious about its taste and feel.

After all, dogs will be dogs, so more than likely — it’s just the beginning.


Beagle Puppy


Products That Can Help My Teething Beagle Puppy


Ice, Ice Baby


Good ol’ fashion ice cubes. I’m definitely a fan of this method, it can get a little messy though. But you know what? They’re young, they’re cute, who cares?!

They really enjoy jostling them playfully in their mouths. Sometimes you’ll even see them fling one from one side of the room to the other and chasing them aimlessly.

If you really want to up your game, you could always make chicken or bone broth flavored cubes. They’ll love you that much more for it. Trust me.

Another play on refrigeration would be taking a large carrot and placing it in the freezer until it is ice cold. The carrot will do double duty: mitigating teething discomfort and providing nutrients.
It sounds like a win to me.


Teething / Chew Toys


Good ones will have textures that pups find beneficial and will shapes that easily fit into the crevices of the mouth so that the puppy can position it exactly where he is feeling the itching.

You’ll want to invest in teething toys that are durable enough to last more than a few hours, but yet soft enough that they’ll feel like it’s prey. You don’t want something that will upset their sensitive gums.

Another parameter to be cognizant of is potential breakage.
Way too many dogs die every year from choking on small fragments or ingesting small objects.
An ideal toy must be shatterproof and made from a material that your puppy is unable to tear small pieces away from. Otherwise costly surgery – or worse – could be the result. Capiche?

A variety of accessible toys minimizes boredom, in addition to the deterrence of chewing other items around the house that you’d rather they not chew. You don’t want him or her to chew up your brand-new Converse sneakers, do you?

Rotating the variety of toys they have access to in and out of circulation, will further ensure it keeps their interests high.

Finally, you wouldn’t try to fit into a small shirt if you know your size is medium.
The same principle applies to our beagle pups. Make sure the toys you buy are appropriately sized for your beagle.

Here are some great toy choices for your beagle [on Amazon]:


Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy 

N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring

N-Bone Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks

Sharlovy 14 Pack of Chew Toys


General Oral Health


Did you know that 80% of all dogs by the age of 3 years old have at least the early stages of gum disease?

Crazy right? Well, imagine how you’d feel if you didn’t brush your teeth for 3 years. Yeah — doesn’t paint a great picture, does it?

However, you can take a positive proactive approach to your beagle’s dental and overall health, by beginning a healthy-teeth routine at an early age, by getting your puppy familiarized to having his mouth and teeth touched. Only purchase dog-friendly toothbrushes + toothpaste, such as CooZero Dog Dental Care Kit is ideal. If your beagle’s breath needs a pick-me-up, TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additive will work like a charm.


How Can I Stop My Puppy From Nipping?


Puppies naturally nip each other while playing. If they bite too hard, the other dog will typically warn the other with a yelp, signifying that they need to ease up.
You can teach your puppy the same if they nip you, by implementing the same principle, with a hearty “Ow!”. Just be sure to give them verbal praise or treat for backing off.

After teaching them that biting you is painful, let him know what is ok to bite or chew. If they start nibbling at your fingers or toes while you’re playing with him, offer a toy instead. If they continue to nip you, stop the play session so they realize that biting is not rewarded.

Never physically punish your puppy. If your pet seems to be biting out of aggression (not during a play), speak to your veterinarian about ways to mitigate the behavior.


Beagle Puppy


How Can I Stay One Step Ahead Of My Teething Beagle?


Ever heard of the acronym: K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid)?

Well, just as important as it is to provide your beagle with outlets for teething, your personal possessions are equally important, if not more so.

Avoid being a beagle owner that gets upset frequently, placing your displaced anger onto them.
You must constantly think as if you were a dog too. Yes, you may have met some bitches in your past, but that’s not what we’re discussing at the moment.

Here are 2 things to be mindful of on a daily basis.


Think Like Them


I’m talking about making sure that you keep any valued possessions out of reach of your inquisitive investigator.

The most commonly chewed on items that need to be inaccessible include:
⦁ Clothes
⦁ Electrical cords
⦁ Houseplants
⦁ Keys
⦁ Shoes/Sneakers
⦁ Small throw pillows
⦁ Phone chargers
⦁ TV remotes – I can attest to this personally. I went through 5 remote controls in a matter of months. Vicious. lol
⦁ Wallets
⦁ Anything else that is small enough, that they could get trouble with it.


Confidence In The Confine


Can’t keep a close eye on your teething beagle? Place them into their crate or playpen, when appropriate. Also, be sure that your puppy does have access to their food/water, bed and toys while they are contained.




With a bit of planning, you and your family can help your beagle puppy get through this somewhat difficult time together; and on the road to a healthy, happy life.


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