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Beagles Are Expensive: A Money-Saving Guide

Are Beagles Expensive


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Let’s be honest: beagles are expensive. One thing is for sure among all beagle owners: we all love to save money when we can.

An average pet owner will pay $1500 annually for their beagles. When you figure it over the typical beagle’s lifespan, we will have spent the equivalent to a brand new Honda Civic.

Fortunately, we can safely provide more flexibility to our bank accounts without sacrificing our beagle’s health and happiness.


Save Money When First Getting Your Beagle


Getting a beagle in the first place can be very cost-prohibitive. Purchasing one from a reputable breeder can be from $400 up to even $1,500; if you have one with a stellar lineage. Reputable breeders typically have no issue with having prospective purchasers of their beagles. Today, we’ll talk about others who have opted to adopt a beagle (purebred or mixed) over purchasing a purebred beagle.


Adopting a Beagle From A Shelter


Beagles from the shelters are far less expensive than a breeder or pet store counterpart. Not only that, but adopting a beagle from many shelters provide the added benefits of having their preliminary health checked. What do I mean? Typically their vaccinations will be up-to-date, they will be spayed or neutered, and have a clean bill of health (ideally).


Check With Your Friends & Family

Utilize them to your advantage. Tap into your social circle, including on social networking, to see if there is anyone you know (and trust), that have beagles available for adoption from a litter or an expectant litter.

Going this route can enable you to save substantial money. However, the beagles pups may not have been checked over by a veterinarian beforehand.


Are Beagles Expensive


Save Money On Beagle Food


Dog food for our beagles can be very expensive, as it is the single most common expense. And as expected — beagle owners are hesitant to cut back on this, for the sake of their beagle’s health.


Research Before You Buy


Low cost does not have to mean low-quality, just as high cost doesn’t mean high-quality.

Ingredients are listed by weight, so you want to see a lot of top-quality animal protein at the top of the list; the first ingredient should be the named animal protein source.

Higher-value ingredients are processed and stored more carefully (kept clean and cold) than lower-cost ingredients (such as by-products) by the processors.

“Meat” is an example of a low-quality protein source of dubious origin. Animal protein “meals” should also be from a named species (for example: “chicken meal” is preferable to “meat meal”).

On a random side note: It tickles so much when I see dog food that has artificial colors. Clearly, the colors are for the beagle owners, and not for your beagle. I mean, really? When have beagles (or any dog) ever cared about the color of their food. Now taste is another story.

The main thing you’ll be looking for getting your best nutrition-to-dollar bang for your buck. Ingredients that make your beagle feel full, does not necessarily mean those same ingredients have any nutritional value.

If you’d like more in-depth knowledge on beagle food nutrition, check out our article: Beagle Home Cooked Food: A Culinary Guide


Buying Beagle Food In Bulk


When buying in bulk, wholesale or online; you can save a marked amount of your dollars. Granted, the initial outlay of cash may be higher to purchase as you’re purchasing a larger quantity, but dollar-per-item wise, you are way ahead of the game.

The other aspect to think about is storage of food. If you can buy the food in smaller bags, as opposed to one large one, it will be easier for transport and storage purposes.


How To Get Free Food


I know — this may conjure images of going dumpster diving or scraping up roadkill. I can assure you, I’m not talking about delving into any of those activities.

What I am talking about is finding out if the store you purchase from offers an incentive plan. Doesn’t the ‘buy 3 bags, get the 4th free’; or some variation of that sound familiar. You’d be surprised how quickly that savings will add up.


Are Beagles Expensive


Save Money On Dog Toys


Unlike a child, our beagles are not going to desire the latest expensive gaming system to be happy. Take advantage.


Stick To Their Faves


Once you are first buying your beagle toys, you’ll find which types he or she will gravitate to. From there, you can purchase more of those types and keep them on constant rotation to keep them interested.


Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.)


If you’re looking for ideas, I can’t help but defer you to this post from Barkpost: 33 DIY Dog Toys From Items Around Your Home


Avoid Big Box & Buying Elsewhere


If you are not the most creatively adept, but still want to save some dinero, stay away from the big box stores.

Surprisingly, if you hit up your local dollar store, you may be amazed at how great of a selection they can have, for only a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere.

However, that comes with a strict caveat. Be sure to check the item from the angle of safety. Is it a choking hazard? You don’t want to find out that the reason for the item being inexpensive is because the quality is low.

Another great go-to are garage sales and flea markets. There you can find a chock full of fun goodies for your beagle. But just bear in mind, you’ll want to give the toys a thorough cleaning before providing them to your beloved beagle.


Are Beagles Expensive


Save Money On Training Your Beagle


Could you imagine how convenient it would be, if there were public schools for pooches? Beagles would be much less expensive. Well, we’ve curated these suggestions as the next best thing.


Bring On The Books


As you can imagine, there are many resources available at your local book store. Not only will you have another reason to be able to kick back and relax while reading, but it’ll be much less expensive than joining a class or hiring a trainer.

Used-book stores, garage sales and flea markets are a great to save even more money.

Want to save even more? The library is always an ideal.


Interrogate The Internet


This should be a logical solution for finding solutions to one’s many inquiries. After all, an inquiry of yours landed you here on this site. The Internet is a boundless resource that covers practically every possible topic, spanning articles, pictures, and videos. Best part? Most of it is FREE.  I’m a fan of this because if you forgot something or didn’t completely comprehend something the first time, just go back and re-read or watch it over and over.

One thing you will want to be sure of is if the material is though, is its validity. After all: if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but flies like a pig: move on — quickly.


Hire a Virtual Trainer


There are countless training programs available online. You’ll end up paying a fee on a monthly or flat basis, to gain access to informative libraries of articles and instructional videos, and you may get personalized knowledge and feedback for your specific dog.


Are Beagles Expensive


Save Money On Grooming Your Beagle


We needn’t need to bring our beagles to expensive elite pet spas, in order to have a freshly-clean & well-trimmed dog.


Grooming At Home


Beagles, in terms of grooming, are quite easy to maintain. From everything involving washing to grooming your beagle at home, we have written an in-depth article about these topics here: Beagle Grooming: A Simple Guide


Are Beagles Expensive


Save Money On Gear For Your Beagle


We all want our beagles to have the same creature comforts like we do. Easily, we can accommodate that without spending a fortune.


Be An Intelligent Shopper

Okay: you’re probably already a very savvy consumer, right? You know where to get the best deals, how to price-match, and shop around.

But for whatever reason, we typically don’t do the same for dog accessories. Many of us head straight to the nearest big-box pet store because we know they have what we need, and we don’t know where else to purchase it. This applies to the dog houses, beds, collars, leashes, crates; you name it.

It is wise to still seek out those price-matches and sales. Checking non-traditional sources like department stores, discount stores, and outdoor living stores for pet supplies are a viable alternative.

Of course, small business (your local ‘mom and pop’) is great to support, and I wholeheartedly encourage checking them out. Just be mindful that you’ll face a much more limited selection. Also, don’t hesitate to ship thrift stores like the Salvation Army, or Goodwill for used items. You may be surprised at the goodies you will find.

Of course, if you aren’t looking to go to a physical store, there is always online. Of course, the website that immediately comes to most of our minds is Amazon and with good reason. More often than not, you’ll find lower prices than in physical stores, and you have the convenience of shipping right to your home.

However, you won’t want to discount other online shopping sites like Craigslist. After all, a good deal is a good deal.


Reuse, Recycle or Re-Purpose


If you’re the type who loves a project, more power to you because I certainly don’t. Luckily for you, ideas for making everything from dog tags to dog beds is available online. In addition, some of the best ideas involve re-purposing an item you likely already have.


Are Beagles Expensive


Save Money On Health Care For Your Beagle


Has any one of us who have beagles, dealt with an expensive vet bill before? I have, and I can tell you at one point I thought I could’ve saved money by going to vet school myself. Of course, I’m kidding, but the costs for health and veterinary costs (for any dog) can become exorbitant if not managed.


Keep Them Healthy


This one should be absolutely obvious. Remember: spending money by being proactive toward their health; is much less expensive than spending money being reactive if an issue arises. A healthy diet and regular exercise for your beloved beagle, is a safe staple to keep in their wheelhouse.


OTC Medications Deemed Generally Safe

Outside of prescriptive medications prescribed by your veterinarian to provide to your beagle, you may be surprised by how many over-the-counter medications are generally known to be safe for beagles. They include:

  • Asprin (sparingly)
  • Dramamine
  • Gas-X
  • Hydrocortisone
  • Pepto-Bismol
  • Saline nasal spray
  • Zantac

Of course, you’ll want to run it by your veterinarian before providing your dog ANY medications.


Pet Insurance (Or Creating Your Own)


The best offense is a great defense.

Well, you can arm yourself by a surprisingly basic principle.

Check with your bank or financial institution to see if they have any high-interest accounts or some other way of maximizing your return.

Make regular deposits into the account – maybe set up an automatic transfer from your paycheck – and just let it accrue over the life of your pet. This should be something practiced not just for your dog, but for your individual household’s finances.

If the day comes that your beagle suddenly needs surgery, or a battery of tests and medications, you’ll have a hoard of cash to back you up.

If you’re fortunate, your dog will incur no major expenses and you’ll have money to cover end-of-life costs, something no one likes to think about in advance.

If you really wanna double down: Use a credit card that offers some sort of reward points or cashback to make payments at the vet, and then pay it off immediately from your dog account. Score!


Final Thoughts


As we mentioned initially. Beagles are expensive. Period.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t control the costs with smart consumerism.